Excel Cables (Pvt) Ltd - Lahore

Get all the information about Excel Cables (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan dealing in ELECTRIC CABLES,CONDUCTORS

Company Name Excel Cables (Pvt) Ltd
Contact Person Salman Zafar Chaudhary (CEO)
Phone Number 03203232323
Official Website
Address 30D, Commercial DHA EME Sector, Multan Road Lahore (54000) Pakistan.

Description Excel Cables (Pvt) Ltd was started in 2011, and since then has been focusing on investment in technology which sustains advancement, through extensive research and development programmes. The aim is to continuosly improve our cables and to ensure a large production capacity that meet the various demands in the countary. Our Excel Cable Design & Development Centre and research laboratories are specifically established to provide upstream research work and to identify new areas of improvement that will enable us to constantly provide high performance cables that are suited for multiple applications in various industries. We manufacture a Wide range of cables ranging from control cables for specialized applications to larger power cables for medium voltage applications in various industries. We supply cables for construction projects, domestic and industrial use. Conductors can be manufactured in both copper and aluminium with insulating materials varying depending on the application. Every part of the cable is specifically selected and the final product is produced to the highest quality, meeting international standard.
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